F.U.Y.U.K.A.I D.E.S.U !

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Yogi | Karneval

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I just think we’re missing out if we’re not trying different things and having fun.

                                               Life’s too short.

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What is it with you and your manga obsession anyway?

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                         THAT'S MY WAR
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Celestial spirit mage, Lucy Heartfilia.
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"Even since her accident, she sometimes ends up in spirit form, you see… And I accepted her request to fix that. But I don’t got the slightest clue what to do, so I’ve been putting it off all this time! But she’s helped me on a couple occasions now, so I feel it’s time to finally tackle her job!" 

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Sometimes I wish I was an octopus so I could slap eight people at once

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[ギルティクラウン: Tsugumi Sendo aka "Black Swan"]

A 14-year old hacker who is in charge of information warfare. Her main site of operations is a holographic sphere where she uses her whole body as an interface thanks to a special sensor suit.
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